Friday, June 28, 2013

Overgrown Barn

This was an ink and watercolor of an old barn that I had done a few years ago. I found it kicking around in my portfolio and have always liked it for its looseness and haphazard line so I thought I would post it here. I should remember to work like this more often.

The Pearl

This was a concept that I had reworked a couple different times but felt it never reached its potential. I had tried it in a couple of different media but finally settled on digital. I think I finally did the idea justice!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Owl Birthday

Made this poster for my girlfriends birthday, she likes owls. There was text on the banners but, that's personal! Had a lot of fun doing this. I've been gravitating lately towards clean, graphic style images with bold line and color.

The Corruption Spreads

This was an entry for a contest on DeviantArt. The challenge was to create the ugliest mutant/monster/undead creature possible in an attempt to illustrate the dangers of smoking. Personally that sounded really fun so I came up with my "Mutant CEO" concept.



The fiercest pirate to ever sail the seven skies!  The airship is a cross between an ancient Greek war galley, a blimp, and a hot hair balloon I guess. Mostly wind propelled, but with oars for when you need to slog through those really thick cumulus clouds.

Bad Day

A frog in the rain, not having the best of days. Trying for a more simplistic, graphic/illustrated approach rather than a painterly approach. I like the clean lines and bold color. I think there is some potential here and I plan to continue experimenting with a similar style.

Taxi Please

"Taxi Please" This was a really basic sketch I had absent-mindedly scrawled in my sketchbook. I decided to redraw the line and color it in PS. Started with bold fat lines then carved them out to give them variation. I like the finished look and think that it gives it a nice "illustrated" quality.

You Must Train

My entry for Illustration Friday. The word of the week was "Train." I was really inspired by traditional pen and ink illustrations and felt that I needed a break from my tablet. I love working with watercolor although I wish I was much better at it.

Unintentional escape

This was a sketch that was sitting in my book that I liked and decided to color. I don't know what the story is with this one but there must be something.

Lone Rider, Best Friends , Block Party


This was a series of song illustrations done for a group out of Connecticut that unfortunately never made it into print. Part of me is glad they didn't, although the ideas are strong I think they could have been executed a bit better.

Lava Golem

I wanted to paint some fire, and try a foreshortened pose


 Trying to create a sense of depth in this one was a challenge.

Job Interview

Came up with this concept while anticipating a job interview.


Sometimes the guardians of the forest must gather.

Walk in the Snow

Just a couple friends out for a midnight stroll!

Alien Flower

I called this "Alien Flower" I was going for a loose sketchy approach with my  tablet . Playing around with a limited pallet as well.

First Post!

This is the inaugural post of my blog! This will be a place where I can share my art and other creative pursuits with the interweb. I plan to post all if not most of my finished pieces here as well as the works of other artists and creatives who inspire me. That's all for now I guess. Thanks for visiting my Blog!